LEDFUT is for the party

The music scene has been overlooked in the NFT space so far. The opportunity to make a difference in our industry is here. With 65% of the music market share being taken by the major record labels.
To combat this the LEDFUT project is re-building important sectors of the music industry - starting with digital fashion, allowing us to experience our favourite artists and trade in their digital assets fully decentralised without the need of intermediaries. Today, smaller and independent artists struggle to make income from their music. This is a problem. One reason for this, is the lack of access to strong and active communities. With our tech, the artist will have direct access to their own fanbase and potential fans, with nobody standing in between.

That’s where we come in.

The LEDFUT digital economy, and its UP.TURN Marketplace: 
This decentralised platform allows artists to capitalise off their digital asset catalogue. Direct from artist to fan and vice versa.
To help us build this out, we’re enlisting our community. While delivering the first of many insane goods inc. our Genesis Collection GIF’s and line of LEDFUT Wearables [SHOP]

To get there the path is clear.

1000 Genesis GIF’s take us to closer. Following the launch of our wearables we will be opening a decentralised artist marketplace.

LEDFUT membership gives you access to all our assets and infrastructure, in most cases free. All our leather goods in the shop will get you a membership.

Outside gaming, the music and festival economy poses one of the best use cases for metaverse and blockchain technology. With an already strong and technologically advanced community, the demand is there. However, the tech for metaverse integration is not.
We are ready. 

Are you in?